Welcome to our Center for Sponsors

MD Clinical is an experienced and proficient private clinical drug trials facility, dedicated to bringing medical breakthroughs and advances to you and your family. At the institute, the safety and medical wellbeing of our patients is our main priority. We partner with pharmaceutical sponsors and the National Institute of Health in testing medications for Memory, Pain, Sleep, and Headache disorders. Our areas of focus are Alzheimer's disease, Mild Cognitive Impairment, Age-Associated Memory Impairment, Vascular Dementia, Primary Insomnia, Migraine Headaches, Restless Leg Syndrome, Painful Neuropathy, Osteoarthritis and other neurological and psychiatric conditions.

Drs. Kerri Wilks and Beth Safirstein, founded MD Clinical in March 2005 to fill our community's need for education and access to innovative treatment options. These renowned Principal Investigators, provide multiple patients and families hope through research study participation. Our dedication to patient care and excellence has earned us the respect and support in the community and our community leaders. Our office has a full time medical research staff, dedicated to respecting the delicate balance between scientific protocol procedures and humane patient care. Our office is privately owned and operated by the acclaimed and recognized medical research professionals, Kerri Wilks M.D., CPI and Beth Safirstein M.D., ensuring your medical care will be between you and your doctor.